Six Decades of Design

Since its founding in 1962 by Renzo Caon, the history of Lorenzi has embodied masterful artistry, design innovation and the finest quality.


An Italian leather craftsman, a pioneer of original designs and materials from the start, Renzo collaborated with ostrich skin tanners in South Africa on new manufacturing techniques. In 1969, Johannesburg saw the first Lorenzi boutique, specialising in exotic leathers, come to life.


Since then we have strived to grow and reinvent our brand to a fresh and modern household name.


Our philosophy to celebrate people, their style and elegance voiced with every new creation has been upheld and cherished since the beginning. The making of our products is a unique process that has our family and dedicated artisans preserve our heritage by using the finest, ethically sourced leathers which we cut, shape and sew by hand, all with keen attention to detail.


Our Signature Trademark


  • The kaleidoscope of colours that characterises every range.


Our Values


  • Imagination and originality, creating excellence and honesty in all our dealings.


The future excites us, as we aim to produce creations that combine history and tradition with a modern twist by merging traditional methods with contemporary techniques and materials.