Kango 42
Saddle White 90
Agate 184
Scarlet Red 92
Petrol 123
Brilliant Green 33
Black 10
Bright Pink 86
African Violet 58
Tangerine 75
White 24
Wheat 93
Cognac 40
Mod Blue 34
Nicotine 13
Navy 26
Sun Yellow 67
Tabac 20
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Ostrich Leather

Considered to be among the finest and most durable leathers in the world. It is distinctive for its pattern of bumps arranged across a smooth field in varying densities. It requires an intricate, specialised and expensive production process making its aesthetic value costly. Lorenzi only utilizes locally farmed ostrich hides sourced from the Klein Karoo Cooperation, the world’s leading ostrich tanner.

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Nicotine 13

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